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How to Pay with Bitcoins

Using Bitcoins is easier than PayPal and safer that credit cards. Get a 9% discount on all products just for using Bitcoins!

Hint buy your bitcoins first because you only have a 15 min time frame to pay with bitcoins

How to!

Firstly you need a bitcoin wallet (same sort of thing as a PayPal Account)

Then connect a bank to your wallet and add funds then buy Bitcoin**


 We think Cointree is the best and is available to Australia and international users its a one stop solution and so easy you dont even need instructions or any personal verifications just email verification.


Site: International users and Philippines, Thailand and international users Australian users

There are many others to choose from but these we know are good

** if you cannot find wallet that supports a bank from your country you can easily buy Bitcoins from Watch this video

Or using your PayPal account you can use PayPal “send money” to our email, along with your wallet address and we will send you Bitcoins, we charge a 4% Fee, however you can tell us how long you are prepared to wait for us to get what we think it is the best price.

Piece of advice: bitcoin is very volatile, which is great, within a 30 day period it can fluctuate by 25% quite easily which means making money or paying the correct amount with much less of your own currency quite easy, example, this company has employees working in the Philippines whenever bitcoin reaches its Lowpoint we buy, when it reaches its highpoint (using we converted into Philipino Pesos then when the time of the month comes around to pay our employees we easily save 17% to 25% you can do this with shopping as well.

So simply wait for the bitcoin to be at it's cheapest for the month and buy Bitcoin then wait for bitcoin to go up and start buying from retailers or if your wallet has a bitcoin to cash converter just convert it.