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Are your medicines genuine or generic?

All Genuine, purchased from a real chemist or real pharmaceutical wholesalers

Can I get the same price in the store as online?

No! As yet we do not have a physical store, sorry Internet only. 

What Payment Gateways do you have.

At the moment Bitcoin and Paypal only

How much will delivery cost me?

Our flat rate of $17.99 covers most packages up to about "shoe box" size and larger sizes to local areas. However for larger and more bulky packages up to $50 or more just click on the estimate shipping tab once you've added that item to the cart to find out the price

Why do you give 9% Discount for Bitcion Sales

Paypal carge us 2.6% + $.30 per transaction Plus potential for fraud is high there are many other reasons as well please google PayPal sucks to read them, we also want to encourage the use of Bitcoin because of its very small fees and zero fraud.

What is Bitcoin

it is a digital currency, probably easiest to think of it as a foreign currency, but in this case many people all over the world including your own country accept Bitcoin. Bitcoin also has no banking fees.

Do I have to buy a whole Bitcoin

No, if you only want to buy let's say $12.90 US dollars of Bitcoin you can, Bitcoin can be volatile because its new so at the moment it's best to buy only what you need at any given moment.

What is a wallet

that's just like a wallet for your money, but this is a electronic wallet for your electronic currency you can have different wallets for your computer, mobile phone or whatever, sending from wallet to wallet is free, (yours to yours or anyones)

How do I buy Bitcoin's

you generally go to what is called a Bitcoin exchange you purchase them and you give them your wallet address and within a split second there in your wallet, some Bitcoin wallets have a built-in exchange such as coinbase or if you know somebody that also has Bitcoin's you can buy them directly off them

We belive that Bitcoins or crypto currencies are the future.

We are a online Bitcoin store who want to help to create a solid backbone for the crypto economy. Our first step was this online Bitcoin store, we started with accepting Bitcoins but we might add other alt coins in the future.
We are also busy to promote the use of Bitcoins and want you to try it with us.
Shopping for the first time with crypto currencies might seem complicated if you are not familiar with it, but it is very easy, much easier than paypal or credit cards and no worries of someone getting your credit card number. You can count on a professional team of passionate people to assist you with your order and take care of your satisfaction afterwards.
Our team is constantly busy improving your shopping experience and adding extra features to the website, your feedback and suggestions are essential to keep offering a quality service. 
If you are looking to buy online with Bitcoins, you need fast delivery and customer service you are in the right place, pick your item from our catalog and enjoy the Bitcoin experience.

A more comprehensive FAQ can be found here